Wednesday, April 14, 2010

late night with La Belle Patate

Name: La Belle Patate
Address: 1215 Davie Street
Cuisine: fast food, fries, poutine, beer, montreal smoked meat
Price point: budget, combos <$15
Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:00am - late
My experience:
This is probably one of those meal reviews that my parents will just hate that I consumed. Oh well, too late now...If you know me at all, there are a handful of things that I love...
sashimi - mainly sockeye
miso soup
trail mix
grilled cheese
mum's soups
mum's cooked apples (essentially apple pie filling)
renee's blue pear dressing and...
Yep, I have very random tastes but I like what I like. Anyway, this week I signed up last minute to do my tennis instructors course in North Van. Shoulda done this years ago, but oh well, better late than never. I felt the recent desire to connect with my tennis roots again, and network with a community that I once thrived off of...How does this pertain to food?? Well, I have about 6 hours of homework to complete in one day.....that is my last minute punishment. So at about 11pm last night, I needed something to keep me up. I thought about what I was craving, and that cheesey an salty dish of poutine just called my name!
So I dashed up to belle patate for a smoked meat poutine and a coke zero. What I love about this place is the in our face Quebecness....the staff are french, the food is quebec inspired an there is montreal jerseys and memorabilia. So how was my snack??
Oh dear it was worth it!!! I've never had the smoked meat in it before but lord that was fantastic!!! Those salty pieces of meat with the cheese and the gravy, what more could I ask for (I still need to try the breakfast one)?!?!?!?!?
It was a medium, and on special for something like $8.50, but it lasted me through the entire night, and most of the morning as I typed away!
For fries, i usually enjoy Fritz with a Garlic Lovers mayo but I can never park around there, so this was a quicker option.

Reasons to visit: Close to home, tasty, warm, comforting, very friendly service, meme si vous parlez francais!
Reasons not to visit: Not diet friendly, kinda pricey, parking my be hard
Extras: J'aime beaucoup!

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Monday, April 5, 2010

Men's spring/summer

Ok, so men's wear, so typical, so ABC...well ya but I still adore a well dressed man, and a man that can wear some vibrant colour!!
So what works this season??

On top, I am looking at scarves...yep, something boho, and colorful will make me look twice. If that is too extreme, a watch or bracelet with something crazy with definitely make me pay attention.
If you are clueless, walk into Hollister or American Eagle and the sales people will outfit you in something relevant. Are you looking for a bit more?
A pair of Laguna Beach Jeans, faded or not, some type of button up shirt, or a t-shirt, or if it's cold, a hoodie with a sport jacket is just smart. It all depends on your desired look.... Whether it be first date, wing man, on the prowl, casual date night or whatever, there are so many wearable looks that you can make happen, without spending a should you want something flashy, over the top and designer, well we can talk about that, as I have many references that can attest to my styling abilities!
In the mean time, think about what you want, the weather and maybe a celebrity or two that you idolize, Let me know and trust me, I will make you more thaqn fabulous, glamorous and sexy and confidant..
Trust me, I'm that good....
As always,

Spring/Summer 2010

Sooooo it's April! That means Spring, that means that although it's raining, we need to consider the fashionistas from L.A. and Florida where is it either hot or hotter there!!
Well for me, there are a few trend that I have been looking out for. I am not the most glamorous girl but I do love creativity, innovation, functionality and wear ability. For most of you, that means almost nothing but for some, this may be helpful!!!
So just as an introduction, I wear almost no makeup (though I love products), my hair is plain and natural, and I wear casual attire, though I adore couture and fashion forward designs. Yes, I am a complicated mess!! And as the food bloggers (Sherman and KimHo) say, I digress...
What seems quite prevalant for both men and women this spring/summer (s/s10) is casual style and self expression. Everything goes, which has been the case for the last few seasons. While the ladies at Holt Renfrew, Marciano, Guess and Hollister know me by face and name, one does not have to splurge to look trendy, classy and refined this season.
So, there is a lot going on this season! If you won't bother to read Elle, Vogue, Allure, Lulu and Bazaar, then read what I have to say as I will summarize the latest trends and fashion recommendations, plus my own opinions and style direction......
Alright fun time!!
ust so you all know, my passion lays in men's wear,though I am female, I just thrive off of some impecable men's designers (zara men, zengya, armani, calvin klein, polo, boss red label, brooks brothers and abercrombie (not so much hollister).
So without further ado, here is what your spring/summer should look like....:
So for flirty skirts, this season is looking at short, kinda boho and light weight.

One always needs a denim skirt. If you are at all self-conscious about your legs/waistline, look for darker denim, longer cuts, lack of rips/tears/fading, and a higher rise. they are paired well with wedges as opposed to pumps, or heels, and flip flops or fit flops can make this look more casual.

To pair with the denim or boho skirt, there are a few options on top....
I feel that the plaid button up top is still relevant, and Abercrombie, Hollister, Gap, Old Navy and Garage have some great options....

These are casual, size up for comfort, size down for sexy, body-hugging figure and cleavage. There are cheap and versatile, and can be worn at both a club with a sexy bra or casual grocery shopping with a tank top or graphic tee ( see american apparel or american eagle) pair that with flip flops or gladiator sandals and a high pony tail with a starbucks cup and you will be ms Vancouver downtown.

What about glamor?? Well this season is's biker chic or off the shoulder.
For biker chic, look for cropper leather, or pleather jackets, with a long tank under, and skinny jeans or crops.
or this (enter ms sexy)

Ok, so as an alternative, there are denim.khaki shorts found at gap, american eagle, hollister, rw&co and winners (on a lucky day) There are two lengths that are emerging this season...short and bondai. the short length is 3inch inseams or less while the bondai is just above the knee. It's almost a board short effect. Depending on your leg/body type, one may be better than the other.
Personally I go with the Hollister brand shorts as they fit my hip-less frame and short legs.Should you want more coverage on top, Wrappy vests and sweaters from American Eagle, Gap, Banana Repuplic and Hollister help with the layering.
Overallfor women this spring, I am emphasizing a silhouette of almost a mushroom or lollipop. Larger volume on top with body hugging bottoms. Feel free to ask me specific questions, and i can pull a few outfits from local stores to fit your needs.....
next up.....Men's wear!!!!!