Wednesday, April 14, 2010

late night with La Belle Patate

Name: La Belle Patate
Address: 1215 Davie Street
Cuisine: fast food, fries, poutine, beer, montreal smoked meat
Price point: budget, combos <$15
Hours: Monday-Sunday 11:00am - late
My experience:
This is probably one of those meal reviews that my parents will just hate that I consumed. Oh well, too late now...If you know me at all, there are a handful of things that I love...
sashimi - mainly sockeye
miso soup
trail mix
grilled cheese
mum's soups
mum's cooked apples (essentially apple pie filling)
renee's blue pear dressing and...
Yep, I have very random tastes but I like what I like. Anyway, this week I signed up last minute to do my tennis instructors course in North Van. Shoulda done this years ago, but oh well, better late than never. I felt the recent desire to connect with my tennis roots again, and network with a community that I once thrived off of...How does this pertain to food?? Well, I have about 6 hours of homework to complete in one day.....that is my last minute punishment. So at about 11pm last night, I needed something to keep me up. I thought about what I was craving, and that cheesey an salty dish of poutine just called my name!
So I dashed up to belle patate for a smoked meat poutine and a coke zero. What I love about this place is the in our face Quebecness....the staff are french, the food is quebec inspired an there is montreal jerseys and memorabilia. So how was my snack??
Oh dear it was worth it!!! I've never had the smoked meat in it before but lord that was fantastic!!! Those salty pieces of meat with the cheese and the gravy, what more could I ask for (I still need to try the breakfast one)?!?!?!?!?
It was a medium, and on special for something like $8.50, but it lasted me through the entire night, and most of the morning as I typed away!
For fries, i usually enjoy Fritz with a Garlic Lovers mayo but I can never park around there, so this was a quicker option.

Reasons to visit: Close to home, tasty, warm, comforting, very friendly service, meme si vous parlez francais!
Reasons not to visit: Not diet friendly, kinda pricey, parking my be hard
Extras: J'aime beaucoup!

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