Monday, April 5, 2010

Men's spring/summer

Ok, so men's wear, so typical, so ABC...well ya but I still adore a well dressed man, and a man that can wear some vibrant colour!!
So what works this season??

On top, I am looking at scarves...yep, something boho, and colorful will make me look twice. If that is too extreme, a watch or bracelet with something crazy with definitely make me pay attention.
If you are clueless, walk into Hollister or American Eagle and the sales people will outfit you in something relevant. Are you looking for a bit more?
A pair of Laguna Beach Jeans, faded or not, some type of button up shirt, or a t-shirt, or if it's cold, a hoodie with a sport jacket is just smart. It all depends on your desired look.... Whether it be first date, wing man, on the prowl, casual date night or whatever, there are so many wearable looks that you can make happen, without spending a should you want something flashy, over the top and designer, well we can talk about that, as I have many references that can attest to my styling abilities!
In the mean time, think about what you want, the weather and maybe a celebrity or two that you idolize, Let me know and trust me, I will make you more thaqn fabulous, glamorous and sexy and confidant..
Trust me, I'm that good....
As always,

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