Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Samurai Sushi on Davie

Name: Samurai Sushi
Address: 1108 Davie Street Vancouver, BC (davie and thurlow ish visited,)
Cuisine: sushi, some appys (gyoza, onigiri, etc), japanese, lunch, dinner, take-out
Price point: budget, combos <$10
Hours: Sunday-Thursday 11:00 am-midnight. Friday and Saturday 11:00am-1:00 am
My experience:
So, I love sushi!! Growing up in Alberta, I accepted mediocre sushi, at expensive prices, because that was what was available. Though better quality has popped up, it just doesn't compare to the volume and freshness and quality that Vancouver has to offer. Whenever I visit edmonton. the family usually only frequents Mikado and Kyoto, or we buy our own fish and have a good dinner (thanks to having a Japanese mummy). Or we settle for T&T. Since I am still job hunting, budget lunches are my current shtick That, along with a good caesar, cheap martinis at Wild Garlic and cheap breakfast. Or we settle for T&T. Since I am still searching for solid employment, budget lunches are my current shtick That, along with a good caesar, cheap martinis at Wild Garlic and cheap breakfasts are my loves. My recent solo dining too me to Samurai after disappointing lunches at Kisha Poppo and Robson Sushi.
What is great about Samurai is that it's small, quick and solid. Cheap lunches, good staples and friendly service make this place a favorite. I often go with some sort of box and a take-out order for later. Also, the abundance of free newspapers in Vancouver provide a less than lonely experience.

So with my iphone in hand, I decided to check out yet another west end sushi joint.
This particular adventure, I ordered a box consisting of Teriyaki chicken, California rolls, agedashi tofu, a salad, tempura and miso soup. While none of these are ground breaking, it all tasted really good. I also had a sunomono salad which I always enjoy.
The salad was nothing special, as they are usually nothing but lettuce and some sesame dressing. It was good. The miso soup was average, but I just love this as a starter in my meals, so it did the job well.
The agedashi tofu and tempura were not greasy at all, and were above average. The chicken had a good sauce, and the meat itself was not dry!
The rice was solid as well. All in all, this will be a frequent rotation in my lunches, as it is by some great bakeries for desert. I recommend this place for a quality cheap lunch, solo or with friends. Recently, I have also tried the Oyako don which is a favorite dish of mine and some sashimi which is well priced for quality.

Reasons to visit: Inexpensive lunch, good solid quality, reliable dishes, friendly staff and good for solo dining or with friends. Fast take-out and a website with their menu.

Reasons not to visit: You don't like japanese food, parking can be difficult, and at peak hours, it may be difficult to get a table.
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