Monday, March 29, 2010 love love to confuse them

Name: Starbucks
Address: 785 Denman Street Vancouver BC (Robson and Denman)
Cuisine: coffee, tea, baked goods, free wireless and refills on coffee and tea (with free registered card)
Price point: coffee, desserts <$10
Hours: Open 7 days, 6:00am-9:00pm (open a bit later on Fridays and Saturdays if busy)

My experience:

So I love coffee, and tea....and yummy baked goods. Moving to Vancouver means that I can throw a yoga mat in the air and it will land on some form of a coffee shop, be it Blendz, Starbucks, Cafe Artigiano, Waves not so much TimmyHo or Second cup but I'll live. Even McDonalds has passable coffee!! Culture shock for a prairies girl!
So, I love to have my warm drinks, not so much the super sweet blended ones (I am a bit of a calorie phobe that way) and at the 'bucks they accommodate me and my demands!
Well first off, I have a registered card..meaning that sugar free syrups and refills and the like are complementary! You also get free 2hr wireless!!! Saweet when I want to get out of the apartment or the chatty roommate or people watch.
I go to the one on the corner of Robson and Denman almost daily. The baristas know me by face and drink and I have converted many a barista both at this location as well as the Bidwell and Robson one. I've seen homeless people accost these workers (those that cling their cans at all hours of the night/morning).
Oh well.... as I write this, they are playing the Dixie Chicks and Michael Buble....what more do you want!?!?!??!
So what am I ordering? It depends on my mood....
If it's tea it's..get your pen ready.....
Venti Tea Soy Misto one bag Zen one bag Chai with sugar free vanilla and 3 packs of splenda!
Oh it's divine!!
If it's coffee it's a toss up...
Venti decaf coffee with sugar free caramel and soy milk with 3 packs of splenda and a bit of cinnamon...
Venti decaf Americano with sugar free syrup (depends on my mood) and soy misto with 3 packs of splenda.

Yep, I'm that high maintenance.... Not really, but I am allergic to dairy and I always go for sugar free syrup when I can. Also, decaf is better for your insulin regulation...little factoid for you!! So what is this drink? It's a venti decaf coffee with sugar free vanilla and soy milk (about 1 inch).
Try it!! Sooo yummy....and I like this place because they have soy milk..since I have an aversion to dairy among other food allergies. If you are looking for some treats, I've tried the spinach and feta wrap, the banana bread is yummy and the chocolate and oat bars are good too. The Christmas cranberry bars are always a treat too, but all that does some damage on the waistline!!

Reasons to visit: Solid, reliable, and consistent drinks. You can have exactly what you want and its almost the exact same every time. They let you stay as long as you want, good for meetings and coffee dates, people watching and chilling out for a while. If you have a registered card, you get 2 hrs of free wireless to...oh I don't know, blog, or study or facebook or tweet or whatever....Also, you can order a crazy drink or two and enjoy being a little high maintenance without being udged too harshly! Oh and if you like soy milk or sugar free syrups!
Reasons not to visit: You don't like bitter coffee, the "man", paying a premium for coffees or lattes, indulging in complicated coffee type drinks...
Extras: The baristas see me walk in and know that they have to get their sharpies out for a 12 step (jk) drink.....but they always have a smile on their faces!! And this location has some very nice baristas!!!

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