Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Where to eat next??

So, as some may know, I live in the heart of the west end. And although I have a car, I hate to drive, immensely. So, I figure that where i live is ideal enough to make some major culinary discoveries. So where to next??? I have a few in mind, and will try to hit within a few I do not for see the job front changing anytime soon...
So for sure I want to hit

Joyeaux cafe
japa dog
thai house
memphis blues
the eatery
Phnom phen - that butter beef looks to die for
guu with garlic
gyoza king
vera's burgers
el furniture warehouse
...i'm sure i'll find more....
unfortunately, some of these places are best suited for larger groups, or a fun night out with friends, so i'll have to search and wait patiently for some up coming events

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